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Philip Lacey
Philip Lacey
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Aut viam inveniam aut faciam... where there is no way I will make one.

Introduction to Personality Tests and trying to classify yourself

Career Change Ideas

Career Inspiration - What should I do?

An introduction to the area of GDPR from an Irish perspective

The basic terms of Computer Security

What is Governance?

Some of the challenges in Education

UNIX Server Performance and Network Monitoring

Windows Server Performance and Network Monitoring

Navigating the Cisco IOS CLI

Getting going with Wireshark

Getting started with Ruby on Rails

So you want to try a bit of Java Programming

I can code... now what is this C++ thing

An intro to Apache Zookeeper

Tableau Server Tools

Tableau Server Overview

Tableau File Formats

Tablea Prep Builder - What is it and what does it do?

An Introduction to Tableau

Chefs Roles

Digital Marketing MRKT1414: 2020-21 - Links

TUD - ECAI - Web Dev 2 Team

Hadoop, Cloudera and Big Data Management tools

Learning HTML resources

TUD - Web Development 2 Showcase 2020-21

TUD - Web Development 2 - WhereWeLearn Lessons

TUD - Web Development 2 - WordPress Showcase

Charities Institute Ireland - EIS

Star Trek Fleet Command - The Ninth Legion

All about Penguins

Clifford Learning Demo Lessons


Irish Whiskeys

Demo Leaflet

Contactless Payment Solution Providers in Ireland

USS Defiant ImageMap KeyRing Example

Star Trek Links

Star Trek Dashboard

Useful An Post Links

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